Bring a unique and decorative flower beds and garden design with retaining walls.  Retaining walls are structures that keeps soil from erroding or can be used as a terrace to add levels within your yards and gardens. Calgary Grass landscaping & Design builds and repairs decorative, innovative and sustainable retaining walls.

When your landscape needs the structural support of a retaining wall, it’s critical to have one that is stable – permanently. Our solid experience in designing and building walls is your insurance that you’ll have a retaining wall that remains in place, season after season.

Retaining walls can add an impressive and visually interesting way to pull your whole landscape together with the architecture of your home.

Retaining wall repair and replacement is most common, but introducing new walls to a sloped property can also be a practical way to create a series of terraces – and usable grounds. With a stepped, stone stairway down the middle it becomes a luxurious setting beckoning everyone outside.