Excavating & Backfilling


We understand the job from the ground up and we have the expertise and state of the art equipment to get the job done right. Our team knows the importance of minimizing property damage and our emphasis is always on sound environmental practices. All debris will be disposed of at a registered recycling facility in accordance with MOE and MOL guidelines and we can help with your LEED certification too.

Calgary Grass landscaping & Design provides high quality excavation, demolitions, and backfilling. The services we provide allow our clients to get their tasks completed effectively, affordably and on time.

We’re ready and fully equipped to service your earthworks and excavation needs today.

We Provide Quality Excavation, leave a clean and leveling bottom, you can do footing on top that you don't have to re-leveling works. We have Mini Excavator that can work at small area. We have all size Bobcat (like 3feet wide bobcat) that can do all backfill job